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Moore Thriving Communities provides social services that are affordable, accessible, and creative to give humanity the ability to thrive.

Moore Thriving Communities

was founded as a non-profit that provides financial assistance for those who make use of Moore Counseling Services, based on low income or financial hardship. Moore Thriving Communities is passionate about focusing on offering affordable support group experiences, providing counseling, consulting, case management, advocacy, and coaching services for everyone regardless of financial limitations.


We also provide free interpreters for anyone non-English speaking regardless of the financial situation.


If you enjoy baking, crafts or administrative projects and would like to donate your time and skills, we would love your assistance. Contact Aimee at 855-888-8627 Ext 3 or for more information.


Contact Moore Counseling Services at 855-888-8627 Ext 1 or, and a staff member will help you fill out a short application to see what financial assistance you may qualify for. In some cases, services may be free.

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If you order from instead of their app, they will allow you to choose a non-profit that they will donate a portion of your sale to. You can find "Moore Thriving Communities" under Sioux Falls, SD.

Thrivent Choice Dollars

Moore Thriving Communities is on the Thrivent Choice Program list. Thrivent members eligible for Thrivent Choice are given Choice dollars based on the premiums they pay and the services they have with Thrivent. Thrivent Choice dollars are no cost to you as a charitable gift for a non-profit organization.